Rent a bike.

We are located at the footsteps of the Palos Forest Preserve and the I&M and Centennial Trails. Mountain or paved, a trail is just a short ride away.

2023 RENTAl season is here.

Mountain hardtail


/First Hour

$10 Each Additional Hour

$50 Entire Day

$80 2 Day/Overnight

Helmet Provided

First Come/First Serve

Gravel Bikes

coming soon!

Did you know that Maple Lake, located in the Palos Forest Preserve, was the filming location for "The Lake House," starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? Although the house used in the film was just a set piece and no longer exists, if you concentrate, you may still be able to catch a whiff of the strong musk that
Keanu Reeves left behind.

The Palos Forest Preserve is our backyard, and the mountain biking trails are easily accessible from our shop. Just park and ride!