Brands We Believe In

We’re picky about the bicycle brands we work with and we’re even pickier about the bikes we bring into the shop. We like to work with smaller brands, brands that are focused on what they do and who are leading the way in the bike industry.

 Take Surly, for example. They started the whole fatbike, plus sized tire craze. You would never have seen a fatbike or 3.0 tire without Surly. And how about Salsa, they re-imagined the touring bike and brought you the whole gravel-adventure era we are living. And then there is Cannondale. People made fun of Cannondale because they made bicycles from a non-traditional material called aluminum,  years before any of the major bike brands would even try it.

We’ve been around bikes for a long time and we’re familiar with a lot of really cool bike companies. We have picked a few to partner with, that compliment each other and allow us to offer a bike for every riding style imaginable. We’re confident we can help you find the right bike for your next ride.



The original aluminum bike manufacturer. They were welding alloy frames in Bedford, PA way before anyone in bike industry dared to do it.

salsa cycles

Reliable, affordable, and adventurous, Salsa bikes can take you anywhere, on any surface.


A small company, when compared to the big guys. But small means they try harder and can adjust to industry trends much quicker. Check them out.


We are huge fans of Surly bicycles. They don’t just make bikes, they create new ways to use them. Steel is real!


Explore gravel roads and the toughest terrain without giving up any road speed with 3T’s award-winning range of aero gravel bikes.


If you care about the kind of bike your kid rides, then you will want to check out Cleary. An investment in a kids bike is an investment in your kids future!