What We Do Best

Repair And Service


The heart and soul of any bike shop is it's repair department. Our old guys have been fixing bikes their entire lives. They are proud members of the AARP.


Need to ship a bike, we can do it. Need to service your suspension fork, we can handle that, too! No job too big or too small, we'll tackle just about anything.

Anyone can sell you a bicycle, that's Easy.
but what happens when it doesn't work ?
We can help you with that.

Wheel True $15 And Up

popular requests

We work on all types of bikes, no matter the brand, no matter the style. We can even fix some E-Bikes. No appointments necessary, it’s first come, first serve. And we’re open on Sundays!

Below is a rundown of some common repair and service items.

Parts are extra, just like Firestone.

Full Tune Up


It’s like a spa day for your bike!

Adjust Front And Rear Derailleur

Adjust Front And Rear Brake

Adjust bearings. HS, BB, Hubs.

True Wheels

Wipe Down And More!

Basic Repairs



Standard Flat Repair $15 And Up

Brake Adjustment $15 And Up

Wheel True $15 And Up

Derailleur Adjustment $15 And Up

Headset Adjustment $15 And Up

Specialty Work



Replace Broken Spoke $30 And Up

Tubeless Conversion $30 And Up

Pack Bike In Box $45 And Up

Shock Fork Service $99 And Up

Full Overhaul $150 And Up


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