Welcome to 2 Bici!

March 16th, 2011

Thanks for visiting our site. Are you looking for a shop that can get your bike ready for the new season? Well, you found us!

So, what do you want to know? Let’s start with the basics.

Do you fix bikes?

Come on, that’s too easy, of course we do!

How much is a tune-up?

69 buck-a-roos, and with that we adjust your gears and brakes, true (straighten) your wheels, adjust your wheel bearings, headset bearings, bottom bracket bearings, lube your cables, tighten all your bolts and screws, wipe down the bike and air your tires, we’ll also air your your suspension front and back if applicable. It’s pretty thorough, like a spa day for your bike!

But my bike is pretty new…

OK, well we have an answer for that, it’s our quick tune.

Adjust brakes, derailleurs, oil chain, air tires, safety inspection, out the door. $35

Do you sell bikes?

Yeah, we sell bikes. We’re not a big shop, we don’t have hundreds in stock. Instead we stock a few models that we consider to be perfect bikes for our local paths, trails and roads. Don’t get us wrong, we have access to hundreds of models through our partners, Cannondale, KHS, BMC, Niner, Surly and many more. But we can only keep so many on our sales floor.

Blah, blah, blah, I have an old steel Pinarello and I can’t get my fixed cup out, what can you do for me?

Can you say VAR? Yeah, we know our way around that vintage steel stuff, we’re just about vintage, ourselves!

Fox F29 RL, need seals and wipers changed, can you do it?

Does your grandmother have a mustache? Next!

I need a bell for my son Billy?

Well, congratulations on giving your son a proper name. Bill’s, Tom’s, Joe’s, Dave’s, those are real names. Of course we have a bell for you, ma’am.

You sell helmets?


What about tubes?

C’mon, now you’re just playing with me.

Well, you get the picture, we’re small shop but we’re continuously growing. We can fix your bike, no matter what it is, we’re not a giant shop, but we keep all the basic stuff on-hand and we can get anything and almost everything, very quickly. We add to our inventory every day and we’re always picking up new brands that have cool stuff to offer.

If we didn’t answer your question here, please give us a call at 708-330-5234 or e-mail us at bici@2bici.com.

Where To Ride

Where To Ride

Some of the best riding in the Chicagoland area is located right outside our front door.

As Heard On The Steve Dahl Show

As Heard On The Steve Dahl Show

Did you hear about us on the Steve Dahl Show? Cool, we’re off to great start.



Doing good things for mountain bikers. CAMBr does  great job of maintaining and creating local mountain bike trails.